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"Manifesting thought"
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School for Sustainable Sciences

Logos is a non-profit school with a vision to prepare future generations for world-wide economic, climatic and social change.  Through education and community service we equip people of all ages with the skills necessary to provide for themselves and others both food and water security and alternatives to transportation and fuel use.  We stress the use of appropriate technologies, a love for the earth, sustainability, and a community spirit.
Logos is the educational arm for Peace Trail International an organization dedicated to set people free from a failing world-wide economic system by re-connecting them to the earth and each other. Peace trail's main focus is to establish Aldeas (settlements or outposts in Spanish)  which are sustainable, food producing community portals created by an army of talented and loving volunteers. Read more..

Logos offers Weekend courses, Summer Intensives and Apprenticeships.   Our topics change as do our teachers but all subjects are geared to teach people to provide for themselves food, water, income and fellowship. Teachers come from all backgrounds; farmers, inventors, manufacturers, recent graduates from schools in gardening and permaculture, chefs, mechanics and more.  Teachers are from the USA and around the world.  Our classes are hands-on as we put all knowlege to work immediately into  the community focusing our assistance on the widow, the orphan, the needy, and unemployed.  If you are someone  looking  for new skills for yourself or your children please look through our course offerings and fill out a request form so we may get acquainted.  We welcome you experience as a teacher and your questions as a student.

Letter from the founder.

Logos means to reason or the ability to have a rational thought.  Our eyes can see a reasonable and orderly universe.  It is through this reason we have the ability to study our world.  Logos is the root of the word Logic and logic is the basis for all math. The  suffix  “ology”  or “the  study of” commonly seen in words such as  Geology or Theology comes from the word " Logos".
At Logos Academy we strive to tap into the Logos in all beings because we believe that the ability to reason, that “light” that lights every person in the world, that ability to know right from wrong, to create or to destroy is in all beings.  It is through logos we have cured diseases and created bombs and it is through our logos that we will find solutions to adapt and learn to live on the earth in a peaceful and sustainable way.


At Logos Academy we never forget that we are all teachers and students.  We teach not only what to learn but how to learn it.  How to problem solve based on not what is expedient but what is ethical , thankful and responsible as stewards of the earth.  We teach how to seek guidance from above, from infinite Logos,  in seeking solutions to care for the earth and each other, to prosper, succeed and to be whole.


Never before has the world been in such a great need to reason, to find a way to live with each other and to live on the earth without hurting it, To abide by laws of economy that are based on just weights and measures, on an economy of real things, God’s economy of sunlight, seed and of rain that comes in its season.

The best is yet to come.  We run to meet the future.  Join us on the adventure.


Steve Behncke-Director
Logos Academy Inc
330 W. College Ct
Deland, FL 32720
1 888- 282-1886

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