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Meet the Directors


Directors Steven and Connie Behncke 

Steve and Connie have a unique vision born of an unusual life.  Experiences living in Mexico with migrant workers, growing gardens and milking goats, building homes for the poor with a groups of friends and supporters, caught in a rebellion and uprising in Mexico in 1994, living with Mennonite types in the mountains of Tennessee with people striving to get out of corrupt system  (a system we see crumbling today) and most recently 3 years in Costa Rica as project managers, building an eco-community with food and water security,  have given them a broad skill set necessary in this time of great change.  They have founded Logos Academy with a goal to take their back to the land and parenting experiences into a new format, a school for that will create change in the coming generations.

These are old photos, we just do not get around to do the photos much.

Steve, Connie and Zacky.

Zacky in Connie's arms, their deaf son, he's 18 now, this was take when they lived in a school bus near a migrant worker camp in Mexico in the 90's

Connie Behncke

Connie painting the wall of Pilgrim Cafe Coffeehouse and ministry/music club we founded in Sacramento, CA 

Connie is a mother of 8 homebrithed and homeschooled children.  Sharing the longing for  a life connected to "Real things" with her husband she has raised her kids on boats, buses and in bale-houses.  She has hauled water, raised gardens, milked goats, canned food, grown worms, built compost piles, run a soup kitchen,  been a counselor for crisis pregnancy centers and is now also continuing her career as a group home counselor for abused teens in a group home setting.  In addition to teaching her children,working, and expanding the world of her deaf son Zack, also manages much of the families business growing and shipping Green tea plants all over the USA.  She will take on the management of the Adventure Hostel at our base camp location of the Logos campus in Palatka, Florida on the St. Johns river.

Steve building waterfall in costa rica 2007

Steve Behncke is our head teacher and co-founder of Logos Academy and the originator of Peace Trail.  Peace Trail represents Steve's hope for the future. That people will come to know each other, the Creator, and relearn the secrets of the earth and our common heritage.  His passion is to show people how fragile this system is that we live in.  Fragile because of its dependence on petroleum, and on credit and because people are incredibly blind and ignorant as to the skills they need to live and survive in the years to come as our society goes broke and has to return to the earth to derive its sustenance.  Steve has been driven his whole life to connect with what he calls real things; in life, in work, in the economy and in religion. His longing has taken him into many professions. His experiences have given him a practical view in most these things and a practical approach found in the currriculum at Logos.  But Steve's spiritual passions convince him of something very intangible too; the conviction that the Logos that is in all humans will unleash a new person, and new understanding to meet the needs of our changing world economy and ecology.  He plans to unite the people who have the understanding with those who seek to understand so as to graduate a group of world changing apprentices.  "If you're a dad you think about what kind of world your kids are going to inherit.  I tell my  kids they are the prophets and teachers of the future and that great things are going to happen in their days.  I have always warned them of the events we see happening today in the world and have been preparing them for a new economy, an economy of "real things" of seed, food, rain of reconnecting with nature and each other.I tell them that people will be moving towards community again, to our tribal self.  We have to.  We are going  to need each other to make this work and to just survive.  That's Logos Academy and Peace Trail  in a nutshell.  Train up the next generation and them send them (lead them) into the world and make change.  Not a bad plan is it?  If you are going  to do anything, why not save the world?" 



MissionShare                                                                             Baja California, Mexico 

We founded this organization to assist the community of migrant workers who live in camps in the Baja peninsula of Mexico south of the Tijuana border. For seven years under my stewardship we were able to do the following;

·        Worked with Habitat for Humanity and built homes for Indian migrant workers living in plastic tents.

·        Developed a Straw bale construction team and built structures using wheat straw gathered from the fields in Mexico

·        Founded a community kitchen to feed workers

·        Built and operated childcare facilities

·        Taught English

·        Taught organic farming

·        Developed cottage industries

·        Worked as a translator and coordinator for  Mexican Medical, a missionary medical organization dedicated to helping the poor in Mexico

We lived on a hill overlooking the migrant working camp, no water or power

Another shot of the trailer we lived in near the migrant camp in Mexico

We did have an ocean view and thre Baja sky, by firelight was unforgetable

Oaxacan Indians, people we were called to for a time

Digging a fence for the first childecare in the camps

Handing out goods

Familes and friends

Teaching English

Our settlement

Experiemental housing; straw balke construction

Above is a project to build a house for this family by friends we brought down from the USA




We  founded this coffeehouse/ nightclub in Sacramento, CA, with a desire to provide the community to an alternative to alcohol based entertainment. 

·        Family atmosphere featuring local talent with all levels of ability.

·        Founded the entertainment newsletter “The Pilgrim companion”  with stories featuring musicians, speakers and doers in the community.

·        Feeding homeless from the streets of Sacramento.

·        Sponsored LifeFest, a concert featuring local talent  for the support of the Crisis Pregnancy Centers.






Project manager Kopali Communities      Atenas, Costa Rica


Manage the development and construction of a 40 home eco development in Costa Rica promising food and water security.

·        Develop site plan with architects and engineers.

·        Purchasing  manager

·        Hire sub-contractors; roads, earthwork, irrigation, custom homes.

·        Pull permits

·        Design and install Perma-culture landscape; organic gardening, fruit production, aquaculture.

·        Develop community outreach; recycling, botanical gardening, farmers markets, community meetings

·        Train personnel and develop systems and management.




Eco Bee Removal                                                Palatka, FL


Owner and Operator of a Life Honey Bee Removal and Relocation service in Florida.

·        Locate Honey bees (both Italian and African ) who have their colony located in trees and in structures.

·        Remove Bees using ecological methods of recovery

·        Relocate bees to nature, to a bee keeper or to our school for bee keeping

·        Restore structures to their original condition.


Green Tea plants.com                                                                                   Palatka, FL

·        Importers and cultivators  of Live Green tea plants from India and China.



Logos Academy Inc

School founded on the principle th Logos is the intelligence found in all people and if we have good will towards God and Man  and respect for the gift of the earth then we can solve any all problems relating to our survival as a species and as stewards of  our natural economies and societies.

·        Located on the shores of the St. Johns river, Palatka FL

·        Boat building and sailing studies

·        Studies in Alternative energy

·        Studies in Permaculture and low impact agriculture.

·        Studies in Aquapoinics.

·        Founder of Peace Trail: sponsor and  participant in Rain Forest Aid (see video)


Link to concert Rainforest aid featuring the Peace trail Hooch pictured above
















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