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MissionShare "timeshare with a mission"

The Need
Working models of sustainability. That's what we need now. We all need to relearn how to live on the earth and in community. We need a new economy of empowered people who can create and provide themselves and others in the community a portion of their food, water, shelter, fuel and transportation. Transitioning to a sustainable lives requires experience, inspiration and a willingness to make a lot of small changes. It requires love for your neighbor and desire to serve. 
How we can do it. We combine education in sustainability with tourism and through this synergy turn your vacation time and dollars into a dynamo of transformation.

Logos Academy, Inc and Peace Trail International offers this special opportunity for people from all over the world to join hands and take part in an experiment in sustainability:
MissionShare. Its simply this; Most are familiar with a Timeshare. A year is divided it into 52 owners who have 52 shares (weeks)  of the property. With a Timeshare you get a place to live and the monies you spend to purchase your one or two weeks a year go to profit investors. You also have a monthly maintenance fee. 

MissionShare  is structured like a timeshare in that as a MissionShare sponsor of Peacetrail you can purchase one week to fifty-to weeks per year of a very unique living experience and become a member in a sustainable community featuring Food and Water security, a deep commitment to sustainability, off the grid life style, a share in the  common total production in the community and a place to live; a structure with one of the lightest footprints on earth; the Hooch. (see pics below) The Hooch is our chosen symbol for  PeaceTrail International as we blaze a trail of Service and Sustainability constructing our 200 mile grid.  You get to spend one week or more per a year living in the treetops, traveling to pristine outback locations of breathtaking scenery, and then coming out of the clouds, as you are led,to participate in not so random acts of kindness in the local economy, in our own, on-site university, or participate in one of our ongoing training's and adventures. We co-labor and co-learn to install food and water systems to those in need and each others homes, learn to create, operate and  propagate cottage industries and alternative forms of transportation.

Green investors welcome.

Looking for conscious investors who would like a healthy return on their monies while protecting the planet and changing the lives of the local people.  Create your homestead and create a legacy.

Own A share of a Green Tea Plantation in Costa Rica.

Green Tea Plantation Investors wanted

Opportunity for 10 investors for Phase one of Costa Rica's first Green Tea Plantation. Come, live, tend and watch your Green Tea plants grow. This is a vacation home, and survival spot that it pays you back over time! This is phase one, and our investors will have first option on future phases as we expand our Green Tea and other Cash crops. Build you retirement buy building on a sustainable local economy. Write us for a prospectus.

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Shares in 5 Hect (12. 5 acres) Green Tea

Sustainable housing: with lease back opportunities (see model here)

Share of Common areas

Food and water security.

MissionShare Costa Rica

Off the Grid Community forming in Piedras Blancas National Preserve, Costa Rica

500 acres, 120 acres of farm land and Cacao and the rest primary rain forest backing up to the National park and even more Rainforest! Located in remote location accessible only by boat to the towns of Golfito or Puerto Jimeniz, on the Golfo Dulce. Please follow this link.https://www.google.com/maps/myplaces?hl=en&ll=8.713703,-83.321836&spn=0.005281,0.009238&ctz=480&t=h&z=17

With a goal of protecting the earth and each other all monies from Community Shares/Memberships go directly back into the land to produce a deep level of food, water and energy security. Low impact green housing, Rain water catchment, Solar energy, Composting toilets etc.Income generating opportunities for the entrepreneur include; Sustainable tourism, Green Tea Plantation, Other Crops (food and wood commodities) Ask about Apprenticeships, Homeschooling, Micro-lending.

Affordable to any and all budgets from the local peasant farmer to the deep investor as we create a village of local and international citizens. This land is debt free and managed by a Non-profit School of Sustainability. Straight forward legal agreements to protect all, all residents become shareholders of the community production; from crops to services. Concessions available; Fishing, Yoga, Hotel, Restaurant, Transport, Zip Line, Plant nursery, the list goes. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity and for the those who ache to be a part of something real and good on the earth. Get a schedule of upcoming Podcasts and Live, real-time discussions along with photos, maps, Q& A etc.. by responding to this email.

Introducing the Director

My name is Steven Behncke, I am the Director of the non profit Logos Academy, Inc We are a school of sustainable living with offices in Florida, USA where we own two other businesses; growing and selling Green Tea Plants (www.Greenteaplants.com) and live Honeybee removal and relocation (http://www.ecobeeremoval.com/). We are the managing entity and educational center for shaping the future of this sustainable community. We have years of experience in Latin America and as project managers for Eco-development in Costa Rica

The Project
Rancho Rio Esquinas

The property was once owned by Hollywood elite and was purchased by an entrepreneur about 12 years ago.  It is located right on the Rio Esquinas as it flows into the Golfo Dulce, Southwest Costa Rica. Portions of the property is planted in Cacao and the remainder meanders from sea level into high mountain ranges of untouched, pristine rainforest. The present owner is desirous that the property fulfill its potential without sacrificing its purity and beauty and he has given our Non-profit the management of the property so as to realize a Utopian ideal in its development. Description of property: 500 acres that shall consist of 125 acres of Agricultural land, Common area, University, Co-housing. And over 375 acres of Primary rainforests and secondary growth where we will begin careful Inter-cropping of mountain grown Green tea, coffee, fruit trees, fuel-wood and berries and dotted with low impact micro housing.
See Photos below

Description of Community Members

The community will be a Co-op made up of Members: Residents, Students, Teachers, Volunteers, Concessionaires and Employees.


Other than Visitors, all people living and enjoying services on the property are members in one or more of the following categories:

Vacation Time Share (see MissionShare)

Members who purchase one or more weeks per year to live in the community and take part in the harvests, services, and education opportunities in sustainability. Memberships can be upgraded from Timeshare to Residency.


Residents are shareholders in the Co-op. Co-op allows for part time and full time residency and a share in the benefits that come from the land and co-op activities to include; Food and Water security from on site farm raised commodities, share in income from sales of commodities, first option for employment opportunities or share of ownership of joint ventures such as tourism, transportation,services and manufacturing.Cost per Share; The final cost per share will be determined once a complete survey of the property's total production and occupancy capacity has been determined. The goal is to allow the simple local farmer and affluent foreigner both to afford to live in simplicity with the opportunity for both to share in the security and increase of the land while being in community. The cost for each share will include; 1) land re-payment 2) housing 3) investment in food and water security.4) Legal and management fees.


Residents who make long term investments in agriculture, manufacturing,and transportation on the property and managed all or in part by resident owners. (for example see Green Tea Plantation opportunity above)


Students and teachers are members of the Co-op who are living at the university and in the co-housing located on common property.


Volunteers work in exchange for housing, classes and or food and after a probationary period volunteers will have the opportunity to work in exchange for membership and residency.


Concessionaires are investors and owners of businesses on the property such as; Tourism, Fishing, Transportation, Yoga and Healing arts, Hotel etc..

For information on upcoming Podcasts and live online discussions with people like yourself looking for Community and Food and Water Security in Costa Rica, join our mailing list below and receive newsletters, updates and invitations.

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Status as of Jan, 2014

Mapping Expedition

We are planning a trip in late Feb, 2015 to survey the property and set up a base camp. We are looking for volunteers to help us map the project, build tent housing, and set up to receive more volunteers. Volunteers provide for their own transportation costs. One month minimum commitment.

On-site manager volunteer needed: 3 mos minimum commitment and Work-to-own membership or residency available.

Photos of Rancho Rio Esquinas,Costa Rica 
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