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Peace Trail International

Peace Trail International

"Come as a tourist, stay as a friend"`

Come enjoy the adventure of a lifetime with Peace Trail International as we develop a 200 mile grid of service and sustainability. Set sail on the St. Johns river on our multi-fuel boat as we make landing like Green missionaries to extend our reach into the community teaching people how to recycle their garbage into fertilizer, catch their rainwater, grow their own food, and get around without the use of fossil fuels. This is Social Tourism, travel with a purpose. When you take part in Peace Trail you change the balance of nature and society and empower yourself and others.  Learn survival skills that will help you transition to a local economy and serve humanity as we give aid to the aged and disabled

Who we are: Peace trail International is the community service and training arm of the nonprofit 501 C 3 Logos Academy Inc. with a goal of uniting the local community and empower them through education to live sustainable lives; helping them develop skills in food and water security, alternative forms of energy and transportation, urban agriculture, and entrepreneurialism in a local market. Tourism provides the basis for people from around the world to receive training for skills in sustainability and then use those skills in acts of community service.

The Experience: History and the future meet for a memorable moment aboard our floating Hostel. Our Eco-adventures are educational tours designed to get you up close and personal with Florida wildlife and combine that with small town cultural experiences in main street America, and/or volunteer opportunities to serve on a team bringing help to the aged and disabled and then get hands on constructing futuristic systems for food, water and economic independence in the community . Peace Trail International is sponsored by Logos Academy Inc.

The Vision: The Traveler/student/apprentice meets the tour guide/ teacher/mentor, the entrepreneur meets the needs of the community as we develop and teach sustainable models of transportation, food and water production and manufacturing. We are a mobile university with classrooms right on the water and in the streets, homes and businesses of the community. We mobilize travelers/volunteers/students of all age groups into short term missions focused on recycling, backyard food and water production, alternative fuels, Vermiculture, cross-cultural Homestays, and Community service. Our goals are to reconnect with each other, the Spirit, and the local economy

Support : Peacetrail is the community service and training arm of the nonprofit Logos Academy Inc.  Support for Peace Trail International comes from membership fees, fundraisers and donations. Logos Academy Inc. 


Long term Goals

The 200 mile project; a working model

1) To develop a 200 mile network of travel, agriculture, manufacturing and service via a locally sustainable mode of transportation by water and by land.
                By water: A vessel, cargo and crew, without the use of fossil fuels will regularly sail a 200 mile route north and south along the St. Johns River, running from Jacksonville, FL to Sanford, FL.  The vessel will be a virtual floating university of ecological and social experimentation in sustainable sciences. The Prime directive is to be Missionaries of change, Boy and Girl Scouts from the future, creating change thru acts kindness by establishing Outposts called “Aldeas” along the St. Johns river. Some of these Aldeas will be floating barges built by Logos Academy right on the St. Johns river and others will be farms and homes of those who join us and participate in our networking vision. Aldeas will sleep students and tourists, grow food, gather recyclables, manufacture goods, and educate and serve the community.

By land: 100 miles east and west on a horizontal axis intersecting with each Aldea on the St. Johns river we will spread inland from the St. Johns via vehicles powered by alternative fuels and human power and establish inland Aldeas and perform acts of kindness (see TKS)

Objectives: 1) Local self-reliance. 2) Community service 3) Research and Education 4) Unity and Synergy 5) Job creation

 Short Term Goal: Establish Aldeas

Aldeas (settlements in Spanish) are locations providing sleeping quarters, cooking facilities, and research space and are our local contact points for volunteers who will be traveling on Peacetrail performing acts of kindness and transformation in the local community. Our first Aldeas will be built on the water as floating platforms spaced a distance of approximately 10 miles on the St. Johns River. From the location of each Aldea volunteers will work the local community performing acts of education and community service.

a)      Social transformation. Canvas literature educating and encouraging residents to work together for change in our environment, economy and fellowship and to participate in our programs for recycling and food and water production.

b)       To collect organic waste for recycling into organic fertilizer and fish food.

c)       Look for opportunities to serve: widow, disabled, Vet, and poor in the areas of general help and maintenance and for creating Eco-home systems focusing on food and water security and in creating income through cottage industry.

d)    Survival Skills: Fishing, Trapping, Shelter, Fire-starting, Gathering; learn to sustain yourself in the wild.

Expanding the reach of Peacetrail: Create a Floating Aldea!
Come join us for an amazing 3 days as we make history!. Help us build, Float and set up a Floating Aldea.  
Description: A  team of 8 will meet at hour Urban Hostel and headquarters for Logos Academy, Inc in Deland, Florida. We will build the Float and load it on the trailer ready for launching. We will learn about our School of Sustainable Sciences and tour the night life of our University town. Next day we will launch our Float onto  the St.Johns river and guide it to the next location on Peace Trail (see above), re-assemble, christen  and sleep on her,right there on the water.
Includes: All meals and  Local transportation, t-shirt and membership in Peace Trail. 
Needs: Sleeping bag, bug spray, sunblock, spending money. 

$399  Minimum 4 , Limit 6 persons. Monthly excursions. Please write us for Dates at Logos2us@gmail.com 

Volunteer opportunities


Peace Trail Eco-Adventure tour:  Three days to Three weeks. See calender of events
Prequisite: Active membership in Peace Trail Intern'l . Become a member now See specials..

Work exchange: 30 days or more 

Prerequisite: Acitive membership in Peace Trail Intern'l.
Description: Per individual agreement. Work in our cottage industries; Green tea plants production, Tour guide, Honey bee catcher..read more.


Prerequisites: Member of Peace Trail Intrnl, Certified in 3 or more areas of sustainable food and water production and recycling.
Description: Supported by Peace Trail, the Ambassador establishes Aldeas for Peacetrail International and lives full time on a Floating Alea. Ambassadors act as a host to visitors and students who are traveling on Peace Trail. 

Apprenticeships: 90 days.

Prerequisite: Completion of 30 day work exchange. 
Description: Training in one or more skills in sustainability leading to self-employment or employment with Logos Academy as a Teacher/Manager.

Internships: 6 months to 1 year.
Prerequisite: Completion of 90 day apprenticeship.
Description: Preparation to become a paid Teacher/Mentor or Certified partner

Prerequisite: Completion of Apprenticeship and Internship
Description: Paid  Full time and Part time salaried positions working with Logos Academy Inc and Peace Trail International expanding our vision and goals.

Certified partner:
Independent contractor or service provider who has Completed Apprenticeship, Internship and is an active member in Logos Academy, Inc and Peacetrail International and receives a percentage as a independent contractor. 

Contact Information

To receive information about becoming a Peace Trail Volunteer, Apprentice, Teacher or Certified partner. 

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