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Honey Bee Relocation Apprenticeship

Bee Relocation is a fascinating and well paying profession. We only perform live removals. A Bee Removal Technician can make between $30 to $200  per hour while providing a incredibly necessary service to man and nature. Many people who have a bee infestation in their home or in a tree are looking for alternatives to pest control spraying and killing of the bees.  People are becoming aware of the Colony collapse disorder (or CCD for short) which refers to a mysterious malady affecting domestic honeybees that causes them to leave the hive and not return, leading ultimately to death of the colony. (http://www.ento.psu.edu/MAAREC/ColonyCollapseDisorder).  Bee pollinization is necessary for producing 1/3 of all the food we eat on earth.  Think about it!  What would we do without bees?  This profession is economically resilient, being very necessary, and the niche quality of Live removal" makes it even more so.

Our apprenticeship program is guided by our Director of Logos Academy, Steven Behncke .  Students stay with a Bee Removal technician go out into the field with our technicians to remove bee hives from structures and trees and then transport them back to our facility to be hived into permanent boxes and placed into various locations.  Upon graduation the Apprentice will be able to go into business for him (or her)self or become a tech working for EcoBee Removal (see Ecobeeremoval.com). 

Some of things you will be learning will be:
  • How to build your own bee removal equipment including a bee vaccum and catcher hive boxes.
  • The life cylce and anatomy of a bee hive
  • All about African Killer bees 
  • How to locate a Bee colony in a home structure using various techiniques and knowlege of bees
  • Using a smoker
  • Using organic scents to keep bees from returning
  • Hiving up wild swarms from trees and shrubs
  • How to remove bee larvae and brood and save them in frames
  • How to make a bee hive
  • Processing bees wax and honey
  • How to become a beekeeper with the bees you catch (another spin off business)
  • Removing and Reinstalling home structures in the bee relocation process..and more

Duration: Classes start monthly and last for approximately 30 days
Accommodations: Students will be provided with a home stay with a Bee removal technician (or arrangements can be made at a local hotel at students expense)
Cost: $1300 Plus $600 for room and board (or student can choose to make their own arrangements)
Financing: We offer financing on a per person basis.  Write us for info.
Obviously you cannot be allergic to bee stings to take our course, so make sure you can be around bees before applying to our apprenticeship program. Presently we can take on no more than 6-8 apprentices per year. The school year is from March thru October.  For more information fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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Send us your name and other information as well as the ages of the individual planning to take our apprenticeship program and we will contact you.

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