Logos academy Inc


School for Sustainable Sciences

 Logos Academy Inc is a non-profit school with a vision to prepare future generations for world-wide economic, climatic and social change.  Through education and community service we equip people of all ages with the skills necessary to provide for themselves and others both food and water security and alternatives to transportation and fuel use.  We stress the use of appropriate technologies, a love for the earth, sustainability, and a community spirit.


Peace Trail International

Peace Trail  International is the social laboratory for Logos Academy Inc.  Come enjoy the adventure of a lifetime with Peace Trail International as we develop a 200 mile grid of service and sustainability. Set sail on the St. Johns river on our multi-fuel boat as we make landing like Green missionaries to extend our reach into the community teaching people how to recycle their garbage into fertilizer, catch their rainwater, grow their own food, and get around without the use of fossil fuels. This is Social Tourism, travel with a purpose. When you take part in Peace Trail you change the balance of nature and society and empower yourself and others.  Learn survival skills that will help you transition to a local economy and serve humanity as we give aid to the aged and disabled